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During the Pontificate of
Pope Benedict XVI

What is Canonization?

Except otherwise indicated, the canonization ceremonies took place at St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican. They are normally presided over by the Pope.



October 23, 2005
Father Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga, SJ  (1901-1952) of Chile
Archbishop Jozef Bilczewski (1860-1923) of Poland
Father Zygmunt Gorazdowski (1845-1920) of Poland
Father Gaetano Catanoso (1879-1963) of Italy
Father Felice da Nicosia, O.F.M.Cap. (1715-1787) of Italy



October 15, 2006
Mother Théodor-Ann-Thérèse Guerin, (1798-1856) of United States of America.
Bishop Rafael Guízar Valencia (1877-1938) of Mexico
Father Filippo Smaldone (1848-1923) of Italy
Sister Rosa Venerini (1656-1728) of Italy



May 10, 2007 (In Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Father Antônio de Sant’ Ana Galvao (1739-1822) of Brazil

June 2, 2007
Father Giorgio Preca (1880-1962), of Malta
Father Szymon of Lipnica, O.F.M. Cap. (1439-1482) of Poland
Father Charles of St. Andrew (Karel van Sint Andres Houben, 1821-1893) of the Netherlands, missionary to Ireland
Mother Marie Eugenie of Jesus (1817-1898) of France, missionary to the Philippines