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During the Pontificate of
Pope Benedict XVI

What is Beatification?


At the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI reintroduced the Church practice, used prior to 1971, of beatification ceremonies not typically being presided over by the pope.

On September 29, 2005 the Vatican formally announced that Pope Benedict would not preside at beatifications but only over canonization ceremonies. Beatifications, which are still a pontifical act, will be celebrated by a representative of the Holy Father, who normally will be the prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. The rite of beatification will take place in the diocese which promoted the cause of the new blessed or in another suitable location, including the Vatican, with the approval of the Secretariat of State. (Source: Catholic Almanac 2007)


May 14, 2005
Ascensión Nicol Goñi (Ascensión of the Heart of Jesus, 1868-1940) of Spain
Marianne Cope (1838-1918) of the United States

October 9, 2005
Cardinal Clemens August von Galen (1878-1946) of Germany

October 29, 2005
Josep Tàpies Sirvant and six companions, priests, martyrs, (d. August 13, 1936) of Spain
Sister Maria de los Angeles Ginard Martí, martyr (1894-1936) of Spain

November 6, 2005
Eurosia Fabris (“Mamma Rosa,” 1866 -1932) of Italy

November 13, 2005
Father Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916) of France, apostle to the Tuaregs
Maria Pia Mastena (1881-1951) of Italy
Maria Crocifissa Curcio (1877-1957) of Italy

November 20, 2005
13 Mexican Martyrs:
            Father Jose Trinidad Rangel (1887-1927)
            Father Andres Solá y Molist, C.F.M. (1895-1927)
            Leonardo Pérez (1883-1927)
            Father Dario Acosta Zurita (1908-1931)
            Anacleto Gonzalez Flores (1888-1927) and 8 companions (d. 1927/1928)



April 30, 2006
Father Augustine Thevarparampil (1891-1973, apostle to “untouchables”) of India
Father Luigi Biraghi (1801-1879) of Italy
Father Luigi Monza (1898-1954) of Italy

May 13, 2006
Sister Maria Teresa of St. Joseph (1855-1938) of Poland (lived as a Carmelite in Holland).

May 14, 2006
Sister Maria of the Passion (Maria Grazia Tarallo, 1866- 1912) of Italy

May 28, 2006
Mother Rita Amada de Jesús (Rita Lopes de Almeida, 1848-1913) of Portugal

June 15, 2006
Father Eustaquio von Lieshout (1890-1943) of the Netherlands, missionary to Brazil

September 17, 2006
Sister Sára Salkaházi, martyr (1899-1944, murdered during World War II) of Hungary
Father Moses Tovini (1877-1930) of Italy

October 8, 2006
Sister Maria Teresa of Jesus (Maria Scrilli, 1825-1889) of Italy

October 22, 2006
Father Paul Josef Nardini (1821-1862) of Germany

November 5, 2006
Mother Margarita Maria López de Maturana (1884-1934) of Spain
Father Mariano de la Mata Aparicio (1905-1983) of Spain, missionary to Brazil

December 3, 2006
Sr. Euphrasia of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Rose Eluvathingal, 1877-1952) of India



April 14, 2007
Father Luigi Boccardo (1861-1936) of Italy

April 15, 2007
Maria Maddalena of the Passion  (Constanza Starace, 1845-1921) of Italy

April 21, 2007
Father Francesco Spoto (1924-1964) of Italy

April 29, 2007
Sister Maria Rosa Pellesi (Bruna Pellesi, 1917-1972) of Italy

May 6, 2007
Sister Carmen del Niño Jesus González-Ramos Garcia-Prieto (1834-1899) of Spain

May 27, 2007
Bishop Carlo Liviero (1866-1932) of Italy

September 15, 2007
Father Basil Anthony Mary Moreau (1799-1873), of France

September 16, 2007
Father Stanislaus Papczy?ski (1631-1701), of Poland
Sister Marie-Céline de la Présentation (Jeanne Germaine Castang, (1878-97) of France

September 30, 2007
Sister Maria Luisa Merkert (1817-1872) of Poland/Germany

October 20, 2007
Albertina Berkenbrock, virgin and martyr (1919-1931) of Brazil 

October 21, 2007
Father Emmanuel Gómez González, martyr (1877-1924) of Spain, missionary to Brazil
Adílio Daronch, martyr (1908-1924) of Brazil

October 26, 2007
FranzJägerstätter, martyr (1907-1943) of Austria

October 27, 2007
Sr. Celine Borzecka (Celina Chludzi?ska v. Borz?cka, 1833-1913) of Belarus (formerly of Poland)

October 28, 2007
*498 martyrs of the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War
(*marks a new record due to the large number of beatifications in one day)

November 17, 2007
Ceferino Namuncurá (1886-1905), Mapuche Indian of Argentina

November 18,  2007
Father Antonio Rosmini (1797-1855) of Italy.